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Frequent Asked Questions about E-Travel

Yes it is FREE!

What is the eTravel System?

The eTravel System is a digital platform utilized for border control, health surveillance, and economic data analysis for passengers arriving in and departing from the Philippines.

Official Website

The only official website for the eTravel System is

Who Needs to Register or Update?

Arriving and departing Filipino and foreign crewmembers and passengers need to register or update on the eTravel System. Exceptions include foreign diplomats, dignitaries, 9(e) visa holders, and holders of diplomatic and official/service passports.

Registration is Free

Registration or updating on the eTravel System is absolutely free of charge. Beware of fake websites asking for payment.

No App Required

eTravel is a web-based platform accessible through any internet browser on mobile devices or computers.

Internet Connection Needed

You'll need an internet connection to access the eTravel System, so ensure you have a stable connection.

Registration Timing

You can register within 72 hours (3 days) before your arrival or departure from the Philippines.

eHDC - Electronic Health Declaration Card

eHDC is a crucial part of health surveillance in the Philippines, ensuring security against infectious diseases.

After Registration

After registering, save or download your QR code, which you'll need to present to airline representatives before boarding.

Green and Red QR Codes

A green QR code means your information is correct and complete, while a red QR code requires further inspection.

Editing Information

You can edit your information before verification by border control authorities.

Using QR Codes

You may print or present your QR code digitally during inspection.

Multiple Registrations

If you've registered more than once, choose one QR code to present during inspection.

Updating Details

You can update your details each time you travel.

Want to process your e-travel now? Check this step by step process: