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The Switzerland Visa Application for Filipino

For Tourist or Business

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Travbest Travel & Tours Co. is an accredited travel agency and tour operator by Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotion Board. We are offering assistance for visa application for Filipino tourists who wish to visit Switzerland for all-inclusive price of Php 10,000.00 per head (subject to change).



  • Duly completed, dated and signed by the applicant or the legal guardian (write in block letters and use only black or blue ink). If the applicant is a minor, both parents must sign the form.


  • The current passport and a copy of all relevant pages (the first two pages with the personal data plus the photograph and signature; the back page with important notes), as well as copies of visas for the Schengen area, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada for the past 10 years.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the planned stay abroad.
  • The passport must contain at least two sequent empty pages.


  • Two identical passport photographs in colour (not older than 6 months) with a light background.
  • One photograph must be pasted on the application form; stapled photograph cannot be accepted.
  • Head covers are not permitted except for religious reasons; full visibility of the face.

Flight reservation:

  • Roundtrip air travel and, if applicable, proof of intra Schengen flight, train itinerary or car rental.
  • Do not purchase an airline ticket yet. The Embassy cannot be held responsible for financial losses if you have to return a ticket.
  • If the applicant travels to a third country (e.g. the United Kingdom, the USA, etc.) after leaving the Schengen area, the visa of the subsequent country must be obtained first.

Travel insurance: 

  • The travel insurance must cover medical emergencies, hospitalization and repatriation (including in
    case of death). The minimum amount of coverage per person must be EUR 30’000.00 or the equivalent value. The insurance must be valid for the entire Schengen area and for the entire duration of the stay.
  • The Embassy does not accept insurance policies with sub-limits, exclusions and conditions.

Accommodation and itinerary:

  • Proof of accommodation for each night of the entire planned trip in the Schengen area (e.g. confirmed hotel reservations or copy of rental contract).
  • Confirmation of the package tour and advance payments, if any.
  • Detailed daily itinerary and schedule of activities.

Financial means:

  • Stamped and signed original bank certificate of current account balance and bank statements showing account activity for the past six months.
  • Transfer Certificate of Title.

If employed: 

  • Company letter from your employer on proper letterhead in original with contact details including email and phone numbers, duly stamped and with the name and position of the signatory (scanned or electronic signatures are not accepted). The letter must contain the following information about the visa applicant: Position, date of hiring, salary and dates of the approved leave. The company has to confirm the continuation of the employment relationship after the requested stay abroad.
  • Income tax return.

If self-employed and/or company owner:

  • Department of Trade Industry (DTI)/Securities Exchange Commission (SEC; list of incorporators).
  • Income tax return.
  • Business financial statement.

If student:

  • Certificate of enrolment and leave of absence for travel during the school year (dates must be clearly mentioned).
  • Copy of student ID.

If married:

  • Marriage certificate and birth certificate(s) or child(ren); if applicable.


  • Child/Children under 18 years old, not travelling with both parents:
    Notarized consent letter from the non-travelling parent or legal guardian.
  • Child/Children under 18 years old, travelling alone: Notarized consent and financial support from both parents or legal guardian.
  • Department of Social Welfare and Developmet (DSWD) clearance.
  • Copies of both parents' (legal guardians') passports or official identification documents with the holder's signature.

Non-Filipino applicants who have valid residency status in the Philippines:

  • Copy of the Philippines residence permit.


[The Embassy of Switzerland reserves the right to request additional documentation and/or to schedule a personal interview at this office.]


  • Please expect that there might be delays in processing of visa.
  • The applicant is hereby informed that submitting the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a visa.
  • All rates, fees, requirements and processing are subject to change without prior notice and non-refundable.
  • Applicant is responsible in obtaining the complete requirements including the filling-in of forms. Please make sure that your documents are complete for our checking and submission.
  • Courier fee for sending travel documents to/from our office in Taguig City is at guest account.


Travbest Travel & Tours Co. is not in any way can guarantee visa approval. For applicants who can't submit complete requirements, and insist to proceed with the application, shall accept the risk of visa denial. This list of requirements is an instruction of the Embassy and/or Consulate and not a suggestion of documents of what you can only provide.