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Travel Now! Pay Later!

A Travbest Approach to Best Travel

At Travbest Travel & Tours Co, we understand the insatiable wanderlust that drives travelers to explore the world. In response to the frequent inquiries from Tourism students regarding the acceptability of "Travel Now, Pay Later," we aim to shed light on our approach to this financing option.

The Concept

"The Acceptability of Travel Now, Pay Later as Perceived by Selected Travel Agency and Financing Institution" is a concept we've embraced at Travbest, particularly for our corporate clients, long-time patrons, and loyal customers. This unique arrangement is anchored in our ability to secure the best available prices from our contracted rates with hotels, airlines, and travel service providers.

For individuals, we extend the flexibility of paying a modest upfront fee, ranging from 10% to 50% of the total package cost. The remaining balance can then be settled through installment payments aligned with the widely recognized salary release schedule in the Philippine employment setting—every 15th and 30th of the month.

Future Collaborations

As part of our commitment to evolving with the travel industry, we are exploring partnerships with credit card banks. This collaboration aims to offer a literal "Travel Now, Pay Later" arrangement to individual clients. While this option may come with applicable credit card and bank fees, it opens up new possibilities for those who prefer the convenience of having readily available funds for their travel impulses. This includes leveraging credit card points and other associated benefits.

UPDATE: We get it—life can be stressful. That's why we're here to take the hassle out of paying for your travels. Whether you're dreaming of a spontaneous getaway or a carefully planned vacation, our payment options make it easy for you to make it happen. Check out the options here when paying through Credit Card.

Pioneering Layaway Terms

Travbest Travel & Tours has been at the forefront of offering layaway terms for budget travelers since 2008. We take pride in being one of the first travel agencies in the Philippines to introduce this innovative approach. Our intent is to make travel accessible without compromising financial responsibility.

Responsible Travel Spending

Despite the allure of instant gratification, we firmly believe in responsible travel spending. Our commitment is to ensure that individuals can indulge their wanderlust without falling into the pitfalls of unnecessary debt. Travel should be a source of joy, not a burden, and our approach is rooted in creating memorable experiences without compromising financial well-being.

At Travbest, we invite you to explore the world responsibly, with the assurance that your travel dreams can be realized without sacrificing financial prudence. Travel Now, Pay Later—an approach that aligns with your wanderlust and your wallet.