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Turkey Visa Requirements

For Tourist and Business

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Travbest Travel & Tours Co. is an accredited travel agency and tour operator by Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotion Board. We are offering assistance for visa application for Filipino tourists who wish to visit Turkey for all-inclusive price of Php 7,000.00 per head (subject to change).



GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Please preapre 2 sets of the documents.

1. Duly accomplished Application Form, dated and signed.

2. Three (3) recent passport szie colored pcitures; white background, attached to application form.

3. Original Old and New passports with at least 6 months valid prior to departure.


8. Means of Support:

  • Submit official written approvals from both parents.
  • Photocopy of International Credit Card (back & front)
  • Attach with credit card statement account for the last 3 months. If available.
  • Original Bank Certificate (peso and/or dollar account)
  • Photocopy of bank passbook and bank statement for the last 6 months.
  • Income Tax return

9. PSA Original Marriage Contract

10. Minor Applicant
-If parents are officially divorced and prove the parents are officially divorced and prove the parent holding their custody as well as for those with one parent deceased, must submit written approvals from both parents. Visa may be issued in accordance with their purpose of visit.
-Original school certificate
-Photocopy of School ID
-PSA Birth Certificate (for single)
-PSA Marriage Contract (for minor: together with photocopy of parents marriage contarct).
-Affidavit of support and consent provided by parents traveling with children (notarized).
-Booking certificate, flight itinerary and hotel list confirmation.
-Letter of intent (address to embassy)

10. Confirmed Hotel Accommodation Booking

11. Round trip Electronic Airline Ticket

12. Valid required medical insurance during the stay in Turkey.

Tourist Visa:

  • Copy of the hotel reservation (Reservation only).
  • Employment letter stating the name, position, salary, profession or type of skill (if there is any) from the company (if there is any).
  • Bank account maintenance certificate and original bank statements of the last three months [the current balance should cover all the expenses (air ticket + accommodation + food and beverages)] which are signed and stamped by the bank officer.
  • Supporting document on the applicant’s commitment to return (Land registry, business certificate, salary table, bank account statement).
  • Consent letter of the applicant for verification of documents.
  • If an invitation letter is submitted for a Touristic Visa application it must include:
    -Visa Application Form duly filled and submitted on online system, printed and signed by the applicant. (CNIC number, father and mother names, complete residential and host (if applicable) addresses are must).
    -Inviting person's TR Identity Number
    -clear identity
    -list of invitees
    -length and purpose of stay
    -affinity with the applicant stated in the letter.
  • If invited by an organization or a company must include: Tax registration certificate of the organization will be required.
  • Invitation letter for the inviting person/authority to pledge or covering victuals and accomodation expenses and for taking their own responsibility.
  • The applicant is required to have sufficient and/or regular renumerations.





  • Please expect that there might be delays in processing of visa due to 2 years close operations of visa processing of several agencies.
  • Additional documents are discretion of the Turkey Embassy.
  • All rates, fees, requirements and processing are subject to change without prior notice and non-refundable.
  • Applicants with incomplete documents will be rejected.
  • Always include 2 photocopies of the filled-up application form and 1 photocopy of the rest ofthe documents.
  • Courier fee for sending travel documents to/from our office in Taguig City is at guest account.


Travbest Travel & Tours Co. is not in any way can guarantee visa approval. For applicants who can't submit complete requirements, and insist to proceed with the application, shall accept the risk of visa denial. This list of requirements is an instruction of the Embassy and/or Consulate and not a suggestion of documents of what you can only provide.