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Airlines' Different Post Covid-19 Procedure

Will this be the next #newnormal in flying?

Coronavirus has truly changed many lives. It has shaken how people see their security, health, and finances. And as this pandemic change on how we see things, our airlines here the Philippines have already made some changes in their policies to ensure our peace of mind on our next travel.

Let's start first with Air Asia, using their infographic these are the changes they are about to made in our next travel:

Air Asia New Flying Policies

In-flight meals when flying via Air Asia will be in limited options only in which also includes that only packaged snacks and canned drinks or bottled water will be served. It may mean no more cups with "water please" onboard.

There is also a "temporary revision" on their baggage policy. If your baggage is only 7kgs in weight and can't fit under the seat in front you, Air Asia will offer complimentary check-in. However, for those "wais traveler", just a reminder that the complimentary check-in cabin bag weight is not transferable to your standard check-in baggage. Meaning, just in case you go over your availed check-in baggage, you can't negotiate to the check-in counter staff to consider using the unused kgs.

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Another "a must" when flying is already allowed, is wearing mask from airport check-in, during flying and baggage collection. And make sure to bring extra masks, as airline staff has the right to refuse your boarding when the mask you are wearing gets visibly soiled and damage.

For Cebu Pacific, they released an informative video on their plans in making sure we are safe when travelling with them.

In their email blast, these are the list of precautionary measures , Cebu Pacific will do for us their passengers:

  • Daily extensive cleaning and disinfection of aircraft, including passenger seats, overhead bins, tray tables, armrests, among others, implemented by Bureau of Quarantine-certified team. 
  • Hospital-grade air filters on Airbus aircraft with 99.99% effectiveness against viruses
  • Rapid antibody tests for cabin crew and pilots before their assigned flights
  • Personal protective equipment for airport and flight crew
  • Lavatory cleaning every 30 mins
  • Frequent cleaning of airport surfaces, including bag drop counters, boarding areas and shuttle buses
  • Hand sanitizers for passengers before flight and inflight
  • Flight attendants will be wearing face masks during flight. 
  • Cebu Pacific also ensures to work with government authorities, and use guidelines from the World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization.

For Philippine Airlines, as the policies may change from time to time, passengers are requested to always visit their website. In the meantime, if you have plans of flying anytime soon, here are the details of PAL guidelines on your next flight with them.

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Before the Flight

  1. All passengers must bring their own face masks to use at the airport and throughout the flight. Failure to bring a face mask will mean that you will not be allowed to board your flight. We allow surgical, ear loop, or do-it-yourself masks, as well as other protective shielding (however, if you are traveling to or from Singapore, Xiamen, Macau or Honolulu, only surgical masks are allowed by the concerned local authorities). Infants up to 2 years old are exempted from the face mask requirement.
  2. We encourage passengers to bring their own sanitizers and their onboard travel essentials. You may bring hand sanitizers with maximum content of 70% alcohol, up to 10 pcs of 100mL as part of carry-on.
  3. Passengers must ensure that their carry-on bag is within the required specifications: Length of 22 inches / 56cm, Width of 14 inches / 36cm, Height of 9 inches / 23 cm, and Weight of 15 lbs / 7 kilos. On top of the carry-on bag, only two of the following items may be carried inside the cabin: Laptop Computer, Small Bag, Overcoat / Wrap / Blanket, Reasonable amount of reading material/s, Small Camera or Binoculars, Infant Case, Infant Food, and Sealed Duty-Free Bag. For PWDs, the previous items shall be in addition to assistive devices.
  4. Online check-in is encouraged. To ensure ample time for security checks, we urge passengers to arrive early at the airport:
    • 4 hours prior to departure from Manila (International flights)
    • 3 hours prior to departure from Manila (Domestic flights) and other airports

Point of Booking

All ticket offices will have thermal scanning, managed social distancing, and transparent counter barriers. Our service personnel will be equipped with face masks and gloves. We will implement a no-mask-no-entry policy in our ticket offices.

At the Airport

We will do our best to enforce social distancing while passengers are waiting, on queue, or inside PAL shuttle buses. Passengers can expect thermal scans at entry points, distribution of locator forms that they would need to fill out, sanitizers available at designated areas, and other security checks. Our airport staff will be equipped with face masks. Passengers must also wear their face masks all the time.

Mabuhay Lounge
All PAL Mabuhay Lounges will have sanitizing floor mats at the entry points. Meals will be served in sealed packaging, while beverages will be served on demand. Hand sanitizers will be available. All lounge staff will likewise wear protective gear.

Inside the Aircraft
PAL’s entire fleet of aircraft will continue to undergo rigorous cabin cleaning and disinfection. All contact surfaces are wiped down using stronger cleaning agents, and the aircraft’s HEPA filters are maintained regularly.

During the Flight
Onboard Service: Our cabin crew will wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They will practice a simplified inflight service approach that minimizes frequent contact.
Meals: We will continue to follow strict Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures when preparing inflight meals. Meals and snacks will continue to be in sanitized containers or secure packaging.
Seating: Passengers can look forward to Social Distancing cabin seating options.

After 9/11, body frisking and no liquid on hand carry baggage became the new normal when flying. This time, post-covid, it will be wearing of mask, alcohol spray and face shields will be the #newnormal when flying.

Keep safe everyone!