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How to Check Visa Results

South Korea Visa Application Only...

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We understand the feeling of uneasiness while waiting for the visa results. Here in Travbest Travel & Tours Co. will be bombarded by daily text, email and calls asking if there is already results of their application. Here are the steps you can personally take during those sleepless night ;)
  1. Go to the Korea Visa Portal. Translate the page to English. You can do this by simply clicking on English at the upper-right handside of the window.
  2. Click on ‘Check Application Status’ On the sidebar on the right, hover over Check Application Status. You will then see a text that reads Check Application Status & Print. Select this option.
  3. Do the search
  • Make sure to tick or select the Diplomatic Office as your ‘Type of Application’

  • Select Passport No.

  • Input the details in the search boxes and hit the Search Button on the right

  1. Name should be in this format: [LAST FIRST] or [CRUZ JOHN] or [CRUZ JOHN JAMES], if you have a second name

  2. Date of birth should be in this format: [YYYY-MM-DD] or [1993-02-14]

  3. Refresh the page from time to time, and you might find your Korean visa application status change from Application Received to Approved. 
  4. If your search returns a result of No search data has been found, it may be due to the following reasons:
    • You did not follow the format when inputting your name, date of birth, or passport number.

    • You’ve probably checked too soon.

Do note of the processing or lead time set forth by the Embassy for South Korea visa applications. Please be also advised that the Embassy of South Korea has a daily quota that is why we always ask our travellers to submit their application as early as 3 months prior the group departure. Lately processing may take 15-20 days due to this recent advise.

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If you are in a hurry, please see this link for EXPRESS VISA PROCESSING.