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Travbest Payment Mode

Making Travel Easy to Fund and Pay

Travbest Travel & Tours Co., believes that your dream vacation should be easy to plan and even easier to pay for. We have a variety of convenient payment options designed to make funding your travel plans as seamless as possible. Whether you're booking a family getaway or a solo adventure, we have flexible payment solutions to suit your needs. Here’s a look at the different payment methods we offer:

LAYAWAY TERMS - Plan ahead and pay in manageable installments with our Layaway Terms. This option allows you to spread the cost of your trip over several months, easing the financial burden. Payments can be made either through bank transfer or over-the-counter deposits, providing flexibility and convenience.

  • How It Works:
  1. Choose your travel package.
  2. Arrange a payment schedule with us.
  3. Make regular installments up until your departure date. We accept 10% downpayment to hold your slots then pay the remaining in equal amount every month until you pay the total package cost at least 2 weeks prior the travel date.
  •   Benefits:
  1. No large upfront payments.
  2. Flexible scheduling to suit your budget.

BILLEASE INSTALMENT Billease offers a simple and straightforward way to finance your travel. It allows you to break down your travel expenses into sm aller, more manageable payments. This option is ideal for those who prefer to keep their monthly expenses consistent.

  • How It Works:
  1. Select your travel package and visit choose Billease:
  2. Enjoy your trip and pay off the balance over time even months after your travel.
  •   Benefits:
  1. Instant approval process.
  2. Spread your payments without the need for a credit card.

Credit Card Swipe in the Office via Paymaya Portal - For those who prefer the convenience of credit card payments, we offer the ability to swipe your card in our office using the Paymaya portal. This method is quick, secure, and hassle-free.

  • How It Works:
  1. Visit our office and choose your travel package.
  2. Swipe your credit card through our Paymaya terminal.
  •   Benefits:
  1. Instant payment processing.
  2. Safe and secure transaction.

Payment Link Online via Hitpay - If you prefer to complete your transaction online, our Hitpay payment link is the perfect solution. This method allows you to pay from anywhere, at any time, using a secure payment link sent directly to your email.

  • How It Works:
  1. Choose your travel package and receive a payment link via email.
  2. Click the link and complete your payment online.
  • Benefits:
  1. Convenient and accessible from anywhere.
  2. Secure online transaction.

Bank Account Details - We have several well-known local bank accounts in both USD and PHP currencies to accommodate our diverse clientele. Whether you're paying in local currency or from abroad, our banking options ensure a smooth transaction process.

Safe travels and happy planning! Let's make your travel dreams come true!