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Visa Waiver Policy - Entry to Yangyang Airport

Three (3) Southeast Asian countries namely Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia where given a visa waiver policy with the following conditions:

A. Permission Subject

  1. Group tourists who are using the charter flight starting from 3 Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia), entering to Republic of Korea’s Yangyang International Airport and traveling through Gangwon Province and Seoul capital area with tourism purposes, staying in Korea within 15 days.
  2. Arrival and departure airport and tourism allowed areas.
  3. Arrival and departure airports only restricted to Yangyang International airport, tourism area allowed to Gangwon province and Seoul Capital area only.

B. Permitting Conditions

  1. Only allowed to charter flight using group tourists, starting from 3 Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia), group tourists’ minimum size is 5 tourists. Those group tourists of more than 5 persons must use the same charter flight for entrance to and departure from the Republic of Korea. Although the tourist has an independent visa apart from his Visa Waiver Policy, all the tourists using the same charter flight will go through immigration as using this Visa Waiver program.
  2. Group tourists cannot be reclassified into smaller groups, nor they are allowed to enter separately and meet and join together into a bigger group.