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The Germany Visa Application for Filipino


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Travbest Travel & Tours Co. is an accredited travel agency and tour operator by Department of Tourism and Tourism Promotion Board. We are offering assistance for visa application for Filipino tourists who wish to visit Germany for all-inclusive price of Php 12,000.00 per head (subject to change).

Germany Visa for Filipinos: 

  • Your valid passport. Please note: Your passport must be valid for at least three months after your return from Germany.
  • One print-out of your duly filled and signed application form which must to be downloaded here.
  • Two biometrical passport photos, with one glued to the application form. The second photo will be returned to you.
  • Visa Fee not refundable.
  • Itinerary, preferably handwritten, stating only the places and durations of stay (i.e. Berlin 28.10. – 05.11.2023; Amsterdam 05.11. – 08.11.2023) and corresponding hotel reservations. The itinerary and the hotel reservations must be consistent with your actual travel plan.
  • Proof of the financial coverage of the cost of your stay: Your original bank certificate and bank statements for the last six months or a formal obligation according to §§ 66-68 AufenthG with a confirmation of the declarant’s financial capacity by the local Immigration (“Ausländerbehörde”).
  • Evidence of your rootedness in the Philippines: Work contract and bank account statements showing the transfer of your last six monthly salaries (if you are employed), proof of your registration and commercial activity of your company as well as income tax returns and bank account statements for the last six months (if you are self-employed) or school certificate / proof of enrollment (if you are a pupil or student). Please submit the original land title, if you own a property. If you are married and / or have minor children: Please submit PSA marriage / birth certificates. If you already travelled to a Schengen country, please submit a copy of your Schengen visas.
  • If you are a first time traveller to Germany, please submit an informal declaration explaining your willingness to return to the Philippines before the expiration of your visa: What exactly will be an incentive for you to return to the Philippines and can you submit proofs for these circumstances?
  • Proof of your travel health insurance. For a list of companies which meet the minimum requirements, please see here: Recommended List of Insurance Companies. If you choose a travel insurance from a different company, the insurance documents must show that all the listed requirements are met.

Additional documents for children who are less than 18 years old:

  • Personal appearance of the parent(s) having the legal custody, with their passports or identity cards. If a parent with legal custody lives abroad and cannot appear at the Embassy: Written declaration of consent from that parent, with an authentication of his signature by the German Embassy competent for his residence or by a local German authority.
  • If the child’s parents were married and one parent is deceased: PSA death certificate
  • If the child’s parents were married and if one parent has the sole custody: Divorce or Annulment court order stating the court’s decision concerning the legal custody
  • PSA birth certificate of the child. (Birth certificates must be issued on security paper (SECPA) by the Philippine Statistics Authority) The birth certificate does not need to be authenticated by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Foreign documents which were neither issued in the Philippines nor in Germany must be legalized or have an apostille.
  • If a child is travelling without the parent(s) having the legal custody, a travel permit may be necessary. Please contact the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) after you receive the visa.
  • After receiving the visa, please inform yourself regarding possible exit requirements on the part of Philippine authorities and bear in mind that the Embassy can offer neither advice nor support in this matter.

*Please include one set of copies of your supporting documents with the print-out of your application form, along with the original documents.

*Submit the following documents for your application, one original with one copy of each original in paper format A4*


  • Please note that the Embassy can request further documents.
  • Please expect that there might be delays in processing of visa.
  • The applicant is hereby informed that submitting the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a visa.
  • All rates, fees, requirements and processing are subject to change without prior notice and non-refundable.
  • Applicant is responsible in obtaining the complete requirements including the filling-in of forms. Please make sure that your documents are complete for our checking and submission.
  • Courier fee for sending travel documents to/from our office in Taguig City is at guest account.


Travbest Travel & Tours Co. is not in any way can guarantee visa approval. For applicants who can't submit complete requirements, and insist to proceed with the application, shall accept the risk of visa denial. This list of requirements is an instruction of the Embassy and/or Consulate and not a suggestion of documents of what you can only provide.